Stunna TNG and CEO of BLP Paula M. Hall Featured on All Out and About Empowerment Series 2.0 Zoom Interview

By Omar Swalah Omar

Stunna TNG and CEO of BLP Paula M. Hall Featured on All Out and About Empowerment Series 2.0  Zoom Interview

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As a part of our Initiative Series, 2.0 | Empowerment Digest is about Communication Revolution of the modern technology.

In this series, we've talked about how we can always empower one another within our craft and how is the modern business technology affects us all? It was our privilege to have her as our Guest Speaker, Paula M. Hall. She is a businesswoman, CEO of Boss Lady Productions-UAE and Stunna TNG, a Kenyan born Artist-Rapper based on Abu Dhabi, UAE, the first artist to be managed by BLP-UAE.

Surprisingly, one of the Legendary Artist Judah Priest (Wu Tang Clan)  was also present during our Zoom casting session. It was such an excellent engagement and full of energetic and positive people from different distinct. We have so many takeaways and so grateful to Judah Priest for pulling up everything and joined our session. Also, Omar aka Stunna, has announced his new merchandise kit website ( where we can also listen to all of his tracks/albums for enjoyment, and the Trill N Grind Bluetooth-wireless headphones are also available now!  Stunna's producer is Kip Sanif, a Founder & CEO of NewAge Entertainment. 

We would like to credits some of the great artists and personalities who were also present during our live sessions such as Danyal Ahmed (of Kaleej-Dubai, our Exclusive Brand Partner on the rise) Cherie, Vira, Helena, Gabi, Toni, Hassan, Diana and Mazan.
We have learned so much in this session. It was our first live session for our Season 2 premiere. Hosted by yours truly, Shadley, and salute to our Co-host, Zeeba! A newly launched SHEIN endorser and Social Media Influencer, she is known for her active TIKTOK Videos and Mental Health Advocation. 

Stay tuned, more to come! Our next series is also exciting, so watch out!

PS: Our apologies for any inconvenience during the first 10 mins, (you can freely fast-forward it)  as it was our first Live Digital Interview this Season. I would like to personally give credits to Paula for calling me out on the spot and advised me which terms to use correctly, instead of "Colours" and I can guarantee that I don't have any intention to offend anyone and to my Momma Boss Lady Paula, Thank you so much for saving me!

- Thank you for your understanding and support!



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